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Blatche toasted by Knicks bench

If Andray Blatche needs motivation against the Knicks next Thursday, Stefan Bondy provided it in a tweet the other night, in which he quotes Carmelo Anthony and Iman Shumpert laughing at Blatche, calling him "terrible" and "horrible." Blatche finished with 10 boards, including six offensive, and four steals.

Jared Wickerham

Lost in (our) coverage of the Nets - Knicks game the other night was what used to be called "bulletin board" material. These were newspaper articles quoting opponents comments on the good guys that coaches would post on team bulletin boards to anger and motivate. Now it's all digital. We don't know if Avery Johnson posts such comments on the Nets' iPads, but if he does, there's a Stefan Bondy tweet from Wednesday that might catch Andray Blatche's attention.

"Shumpert and Melo, both on the bench, killing Blatche when he gets the ball -- 'He's terrible, he's horrible'." went the tweet. Blatche did shoot 3-for-10 but played reasonably well otherwise, particularly in the fourth quarter when the tweet was posted and when the Nets went on a 17-5 run. He finished with six points, but had 10 boards, six offensive, and four steals, including one near the end that made the game close in overtime.