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High praise for Deron Williams from Mike Fratello in NBA TV preview

Al Bello

Mike Fratello does color for TNT and YES. As an NBA coach, he's won 666 games, and as coach of Ukraine, he got the national team back into the European championships next summer. So he knows what he's talking about.

In the preview of the Nets 2012-13 season, Vince Cellini asked the Czar where Deron Williams stands among the NBA's elite point guards.

In talking to US Olympic team coaches, there were days he was the best player on the floor and and clearly the best point guard on certain days for a team that was Team USA.

We're talking about an elite player. He's got size, he's got strength. he can shoot the ball with range. He can post up. He can pick and roll and he's great in transition. I don't know much more you want. Oh by the way he does play defense. He can get down at the other end of the floor and stop other point guards. So you've got the total package.

In an interview with David Aldridge, parts of which have been broadcast previously, Williams himself admitted, "I had a bad year last year by my standards," and said, a lot of people are "sleeping" on both Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez. He made no predictions, but said the Nets have a fine nucleus and are excited about playing in Brooklyn.