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Raymond Felton is no fan of Brooklyn Nets' trash-talking (if that's what it is)

Raymond Felton apparently thinks the Nets are talking trash and he says that he won't respond. Instead, he tells fans to "tune in for the first game." He will be letting his play do the talking, forgetting that "extra blabbing" he's apparently accusing the Nets of.


Raymond Felton, who the Knicks traded for after passing on Jeremy Lin, thinks the Nets talk too much and he's said so.

"All I'm going to say is tune in to the first game, that's all I'm going to say," Felton told a Knicks blog, then added, "I'm not going to say nothing. I'm not going to do all that extra blabbing and talking that I've been hearing about other people doing over on the other side."

He went on: "I ain't about that talking. I'm about mine when we step on the court, so we'll see when the time comes, when it's time to lace 'em up."

Felton, in keeping with his vow of silence, did not discuss specifics, but ESPN's Ian Begley speculates that it could be Joe Johnson's claim that the Nets are the city's better team, uttered three months ago, or perhaps Mikhail Prokhorov's comment on Good Day New York. "Ah, oh, Knicks. Yes, I've heard about this second team in New York," said the irrepressible Russian.

Felton did offer positive comments on Avery Johnson and the Nets team in general. "Brooklyn's got a great team," Felton said.