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Schuhmann: Family's comfort level in New York helped Deron Williams make decision

Amy Williams via Twitter

Not long after Deron Williams tweet out the Nets logo to signify he was staying in New York, his wife, Amy, posted a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge on her Instagram account, noting, "Will be running over this bridge a lot in the next couple years!" It was more than a postscript to the Nets success in re-signing D-Will. Amy's comfort level with New York was critical to her husband's decision to stay a Net.

"I know it did," Billy King told John Schuhmann. "I think it was a situation where they had to feel comfortable as a family, where they could make it work as a unit." Others inside the Nets simplify it further. Asked how important Amy was to Deron's decision, they answer to a man. "Huge!"

One look at her Instagram account will show you how much she loves the city, despite her deep Texas roots. There are pictures of New York sunsets, her children on the sidewalks of New York. New York certainly isn't an easy place for families. Dallas, where Williams actually put down a deposit on a house, would have been easier, but the city has grown on him as well as her.

"Everything you want is in city, you name it," Willilams said. "Restaurants, stuff for the kids. Parks on every other corner. Dog parks on every other corner for our dog. There's all types of play places. There are so many different things for them to do."