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Brooklyn Nets visit kids at new official hospital

Maimonides Hospital via Twitter

The entire Nets team, all dressed in warm-ups, traveled to Brooklyn's Maimonides Medical Center, the team's official hospital, on Tuesday to meet with pediatric patients, sign autographs and wish the kids a speedy recovery.

"Our platform as basketball players is not just on the court," said Kris Humphries. "Kids look up to us. If we can make a kid smile, you know, when they're having a tough day, I think that's more important than anything we can do."

"It's fantastic to have them here," said Dr. Danielle Laraque of Maimonides. "And also, many of them are fathers themselves and really care about what's going on in Maimonides. So thank you, it's just wonderful."

Many of the kids --and hospital staff-- were dressed for the occasion in Nets gear, as recorded by the hospital's twitter feed.