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Kris Humphries gives ESPN tour of Brooklyn Nets inner sanctum

Rod Boone via Twitter

Kris Humphries took ESPN reporter Michelle Steele on a tour of the Nets "basketball campus" Sunday and pronounces Barclays Center better than Madison Square Garden. "...I don’t need to explain it," says Hump. "It’s better. Boom ... Billion equals better."

Humphries and Steele behind the scenes at the "campus", which is how the Nets describe the locker room, player lounge, weight room, etc. an eight-figure complex that also includes the practice court.

Humphries first stop is the finger print security scan entering the campus. Each Nets player's print is stored digitally. No need for badges. Along the 135-foot corridor linking all the player amenities, Humphries shows off the weight room where "we'll work out after games when we have a day off." He notes "you don't see this a lot in arenas." Next, it's the hot and cold tubs for post-game rehab. Asked if the Nets had this in Newark, Humphries laughes, "No, we didn't have anything in Newark."

Inside the players' lounge, Humphries shows off the player amenities, and finally the locker room itself, where he admits he hasn't figured everything out yet and points to a superstition the players are already observing, not walking on the "B" in the floor logo. Asked how the Nets will keep the logo "white," Hump replies, "People aren't going to walk on it."

Finally, Hump offers the ESPN crew a ride on one of the two turntable elevators that bring players' cars (and tractor trailers) to the event level parking.