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MarShon Brooks: still looking for a role with Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets/Adam Pantozzi

MarShon Brooks has said he wants the Sixth Man of the Year award, an ambition Billy King thinks is short-sighted and Avery Johnson thinks may not be possible. He's saying he may not go with a traditional sixth man, moving a variety of chess pieces around the board.

Brooks says he's fine with that. "Whenever my name's called, just go out there and try to provide energy," he told Scott Cacciola of the Wall Street Journal. It's been a period of adjustment for Brooks, going from the team's third leading scorer (and the NBA's third leading rookie scorer) to a player without a defined role. Added to that is Brooks' recent bout with achilles pain and he seems a bit behind the curve. A history of mediocre defense doesn't help.

Brooks is used to the challenge. He was lightly recruited in high school and wasn't on anyone' draft radar till he scored 52 points against Notre Dame (and teammate Carleton Scott). He calls the treatment he's getting, popcorn included, "tough love." He's been there before.