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Brooklyn Nets Opening Night tickets reach historic levels on re-sale market

Brooklyn Nets

It's official. What the New York Post calls "Brooklynsanity" is upon us. Tickets to the Nets-Knicks Opening Night battle at Barclays Center is the hottest sports ticket in New York since the 2009 World Series.

The Post's Rich Calder reports that tickets to the November 1 contest are are commanding an average of $800.87 a pop on StubHub and other secondary-market sites.That's already up 18.59 percent from $675.31 on October 1, and is six times higher than what an average Nets ticket runs at face value, $132.And it's likely to go higher.

Meanwhile, Ticket Liquidator, a re-seller, reports that the Nets move from New Jersey to Brooklyn has led to a dramatic increase in price of tickets across the board, not just on Opening Night. The move has created a 189 percent spike in average ticket prices so far this year on Ticket Liquidator.