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Chris Mullin thinks Brooklyn Nets "can't miss" in his hometown

Ronald Martinez

Chris Mullin grew up down Flatbush Avenue from Barclays Center, in what are known as the Flatlands. Growing up, he rooted for the Knicks, but has admitted that if there was a team in Brooklyn back then, he'd have been a Brooklyn fan.

He hasn't visited the Nets' new home yet, and he still primarily follows the Knicks, traveling to Montreal last week to see them lose to the Raptors. But he understands how the lure of Brooklyn could help their newest residents.

"There’s some die-hard Knick fans still in Brooklyn, but you’ve also got die-hard Brooklyn people who are going to embrace the Nets, no doubt," Mullin told Mitch Lawrence. "I mean, Brooklyn has, what, seven, eight million people? There’s more than enough people there. It’s a can’t-miss for the Nets." (For the record, the borough has 2.5 million or so.)

"It’s great for Brooklyn," Mullin added. "It’s great for the rivalry. It’s great for New York City. And it’s going to push the Knicks." That last point isn't on our to-do list.