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Is Kris Humphries starting job safe? Avery Johnson says rotation not set


Avery Johnson hinted Sunday that the Nets' rotation and possibly starting lineup is not yet set and that Kris Humphries job at power forward may not be safe.

Johnson didn't say that Humphries’s starting role was in jeopardy, but added, "We do not have a rotation yet," as reported by Howard Beck. Johnson did hint that the Nets might have to change lineups at times "to cover for some of our weaknesses." Johnson specifically pointed to power forward and how the Nets have had difficulty guarding more mobile forwards.

One possibility is moving Gerald Wallace to the PF spot, but while Wallace is more mobile, he is not the rebounder Humphries is.

Humphries, whose defensive shortcomings led to several players having career games last season, has been played sparingly this preseason. He played only 15 minutes against Kevin Garnett and the Celtics and only 13 vs. Thad Young and the 76ers. Humphries is averaging only 6.5 points and 5.0 rebounds in 16.8 minutes in four games.