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MarShon Brooks hoping to get back into the flow

Bruce Bennett

No member of the Nets rotation has missed more time than MarShon Brooks. Even though he only missed three games, it's made it tougher for him to get back into the mix,particularly on defense. He's admitted he's still slow moving his feet. Of course, he's never been known for his defense (at least at the NBA level) and he now finds himself competing with Keith Bogans for minutes. Bogans, who's nowhere near the scorer Brooks is, can defend well.

"He missed a lot of time, and so he's just trying to work his way into it," an optimistic Deron Williams told Newsday's Rod Boone. "He hasn't gotten a lot of minutes, but when he comes in, he's definitely efficient. We know what he can do. He can score the basketball."

Brooks, who played well enough when given minutes against the Sixers, thinks it will work out. "I just look at it as, when I get out there, I've got to make the most of my time," Brooks said. "I've just got to be efficient with the time that I get and just try to make things happen. When the ball swings my way, create, draw two [guys], kick and try to finish."