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Mirza Teletovic: "I'm ready to help Brooklyn Nets"

Jim O'Connor-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Nets Media Day wasn't limited to US media. Spanish media also showed up to interview Mirza Teletovic who may be Bosnian but is a Spanish fan favorite after playing for years in Vitoria. The 27-year-old rookie was interviewed by Basket4US, a Spanish site that follows the NBA.

Speaking in Spanish (one of several languages he is in fluent in), Teletovic noted his European experience. "You have to know how to play," Teletovic told Basket4US. "With my 8 years of experience playing in Europe professionally, in the EuroLeague. I have a lot of experience and I’m prepared to help this team."

Teletovic described himself as a "a 4 that can shoot. But I’m also going to do everything I need to help the team – defend. Anything to get the best results." As for Barclays Center, Teletovic called it, "this new, tremendous arena – the Barclays Center. And the people here are all very excited. This is going to be a step forward for me. "