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MarShon Brooks sixth man role is questioned

Will MarShon Brooks be the Nets sixth man this year? He's said he wants it, wants Sixth Man of the Year, but the Nets' guard rotation has done well without him and now Avery Johnson questions whether he will be the first man off the bench.

Brooklyn Nets

MarShon Brooks has said his goal for this season is Sixth Man of the Year, but Avery Johnson isn't sure he's the Nets sixth man.

"We’re not sure yet," Johnson said of Brooks as sixth man. "We’re not going to box ourselves in. It’d be great if it was the sixth-man role ..."So we’ll just see how it goes."

One reason is Johnson's desire to make use of Joe Johnson as the anchor of the Nets' second unit. If Johnson is on the floor, that would normally mean Brooks isn't. Another issue is that Brooks has missed some time in preseason while just about everyone else in the deep guard core has played big minutes and well. Brooks admitted, "I’m still slow on the rotations."