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Brooklyn Nets: Case study in how to make a cool logo

Brooklyn Nets

TIME Magazine takes a look at the Nets new Brooklyn logo and finds it smart and simple, the ideal graphic presentation for a sport logo. TIME's Rick Newcomb points to the significance of each element in the "shield" logo, inspired by Jay-Z and executed by Timothy Morris, who's done a lot of work for Jay-Z.

The logo includes ties to the team’s visual past with a shield, basketball and retention of the Nets nickname, and ties to Brooklyn’s personal identity by basing the color scheme and simplicity off the 1957 New York Subway system signage, the last year Brooklyn housed a professional franchise.

Fred Mangione, the Nets chief marketing officer, says the Nets wanted something that would have "a long shelf life" and so opted for the simple and classic, black and white motif, with a heavy emphasis on place: Brooklyn."We didn’t want to overthink it." As Newcomb writes, the logo "screams Brooklyn."