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On YES, Johnson and King Talk Nets' Potential

Alex Trautwig - Getty Images

Monday night's pre- and post-game on YES were not so much about the Wizards but the Nets' transformation over the summer. An hour-long special, hosted by Sarah Kustok, looked back at the off-season acquisitions and forward to the season and the prospects for the playoffs and beyond. Avery Johnson and Billy King had a lot to say.

First, King

I felt he was the best two guard available...via free agency or a trade. and by adding him, if Deron didn't stay, having him and Gerald Wallace and Brook, we can get another point guard, maybe not the caliber of Deron but a good one to make us a good team.

Then, Johnson

We got to go down 10 on the road and win, we've got to be able to handle adversity if we lose a game. how we come back. we can't lose two games in a row. that's what really good teams do. Once we do that, I'll have a little more of an idea of how long that chemistry and that jelling is going to take.

The "Nets 2012: Hello Brooklyn" preview also included a Kustok interview with Jim Spanarkel on the Atlantic Division, another with players on being in Brooklyn and articles by Ian Eagle, Mike Fratello and Spanarkel on what to look for.