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Brooklyn Nets, Feeling Good, Head to Boston for Back-to-Back

They're 2-0 and playing well on both ends of the court. A question mark in pre-season, the center position looks almost as strong as the vaunted backcourt.They exude, so far, a toughness that's been missing the last few years. And after Tuesday night's game, it's their turn on "The Association."

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They're feeling good about themselves right now. Two pre-season games in the black-and-white and two wins. Their injured center is averaging a double double and hasn't played 30 minutes yet. His back-up is starting to look like the steal of free agency. The team's best player is leading with an edge. They're featured on "The Association," which airs Tuesday night. Most of all, they are playing a crisp, tight game of basketball that belies their having worked together for only a few weeks.

Now it's on Boston Tuesday for the second of five games in eight days. The Celtics will be a good measuring stick for the Nets, a division rival and a contender, with multiple all-stars and a strong bench. The Sixers beat them Monday night by 32, but Kevin Garnett didn't play, starters didn't pay big minutes and it may have been just a bad night.

The Celtics have been featuring their off-season acquisitions: veterans (and former Nets) Courtney Lee and Jason Collins as well as Darko Milicic and Jason Terry; rookies Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo; and Jeff Green, who survived a heart condition. For the Nets, Tyshawn Taylor may make his NBA debut against his hero, Rajon Rondo.

The highlight of the evening, however, may be what follows the game, the first episode of "The Association" on NBA TV. Get ready for the most open look you've ever seen inside a Nets locker room.