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Andray Blatche gets second chance with Brooklyn Nets

Elsa - Getty Images

Andray Blatche hit rock bottom when the Washington Wizards used the amnesty clause to waive him this summer. That's one of the reasons why, when he was given a second chance with the Nets, he chose to wear the number zero.

"I felt like after that, nobody felt I was going to make it back into the league after last season," Blatche told Michael Lee of the Washington Post on Monday. "So zero reminds of me how everybody gave up on me."

Blatche admits that he wasn't prepared for last season, showing up out of shape after the lockout. For that he accepts the blame for a year in which he played just 26 games and shot 38 percent. And he doesn't blame Wizards fans for booing him.

Now, Blatche is rededicated to his job, and so far, so good. He has totaled 28 points and 13 rebounds in the Nets' first two preseason games, shooting 12-for-22.

"It's a brand new start," Blatche said. "The teammates are great. Couldn't ask for nothing better than this. I'm blessed to be here with a second chance."