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The Barclays Center Advantage: Nets Level Lighting


Scott Cacciola of the Wall Street Journal looks up at the ceiling of Barclays Center and finds a Nets advantage, their black-box, theatre-like lighting. In addition to its dramatic look, they may be competitive plus for the home team.

At some point, Cacciola writes, the Nets will get used to their lighting—but maybe their opponents won't. "If you introduce something that's unique and provides a challenge for teams that they don't see at other arenas, it could provide an advantage," John Tauer, head basketball coach and professor of psychology at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota tells the Journal writer.

In fact, Cacciola writes that the Nets lighting was installed separately from other lighting in the arena. It will only be used for Nets games, not even for the college games the arena will host. Six flying trusses, suspended 75 feet above the court, will house 468 tungsten-halogen fixtures will only be turned on when the Nets take the court. And yes, it cost the Nets extra.

The designer says the effect is that the playing surface will pop like a stage—"theater-like," she said—and the rest of the arena will go dark. "You'll notice a big difference in color." Only one other NBA arena has such lighting...Staples Center in Los Angeles.