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After hitting bottom with New Jersey Nets, YES hopes to recoup with Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets/Adam Pantozzi

The Nets not only finished last in attendance last season, they were also dead last in TV ratings with a 0.4 rating. That means 4/10th of one percent of all New York homes were tuned into Nets games, on average, last season. Now, like everyone else associated with the Brooklyn Nets, YES is hoping the turnaround and move will pay off for them.

There are new advertisers, companies that think the Nets will be a big hit, Mike Reynolds of MultiChannel News reports. Verizon Wireless, Verizon FiOS, Cadillac, Geico, Nissan and, not surprisingly, Barclays will all expand their presence on Nets’ game telecasts this season. The New York State Lottery joined YES client list now that the Nets have moved New Jersey to New York.

More importantly for fans, YES is investing in technology. Nets telecasts will use 10 cameras for games at Barclays, the same as they did at Prudential. They will have a super slo mo and robotics behind each basket and on the scoreboard. Telecasts will also mark he NBA debut of an improved YESMo, the ultra slow-mo, high-definition camera, for which YES won a 2011 Emmy for its deployment on Yankees telecasts.