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Metal Detectors out at Barclays Center


The metal detectors are out at Barclays Center and security wands are in. Arena management announced the move Sunday. Long lines caused by the detectors had delayed several of the Jay-Z concerts and the Harlem Globetrotters performance last weekend. The metal detectors were not used at the Barbra Streisand concerts Thursday and Saturday, leading to a charge of racial profiling. Management now says security at the Streisand concert was an experiment that worked.

"We utilized the first two weeks since the arena opened as an opportunity to test different security methods," said David Anderson, Barclays Center General Manager. "After witnessing long lines during events in which we used walk-through magnetometers, we began to utilize hand-held magnetometers at the Barbra Streisand concert Thursday evening.

"We found that this strategy allowed for quicker access into the arena, while maintaining safety and security," Anderson said. There is a performance of a gospel group, The King's Men, Sunday and the Nets game, which is expected to be sold out, Monday night.