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Joe Johnson happy to be a part of Brooklyn Nets' ensemble

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

For several years now, Joe Johnson has been known as "Iso-Joe," due to the high frequency of isolation plays ran for him in Atlanta. But now that he's got an All-Star point guard again, Johnson is ready to become "Spot-up Joe."

Johnson and Deron Williams have similar skills, but Johnson believes they can only make each other better. And neither believes that the Nets need more than one basketball. If anything, they've each been looking to pass the ball too much in training camp.

The numbers show the Johnson can flourish in spot-up opportunities.And as Howard Beck writes, the Nets' offense "calls for continual movement and passing, so there is little chance that either guard will dominate the ball."

"I think he wants to be able to just play with a bunch of guys who can play well together," Josh Childress says about Johnson, "and he can showcase his talent but not have to be the focal point and have the ball all the time."