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Mike Fratello: Brooklyn Nets got unique commitment from Mikhail Prokhorov

Mike Fratello has spent a lot time sitting next to Marv Albert, Ian Eagle and Ryan Ruocco the last several years, watching bad basketball. Now, this season, he expects to watch good basketball.


NBA TV's season preview features Mike Fratello, who has seen a lot of Nets basketball and analyzed much of it for YES. So he knows of what he speaks. What happened with the Nets this off-season was extraordinary, says Fratello, who will be back this season.

"Very few times you get the type of commitment that the Nets have gotten from ownership, the willingness to go out and spend money, get quality players, a brand new arena, just a spectacular venue," said a solemn-sounding Fratello. Beyond generous ownership in Mikhail Prokhorov, Fratello says Billy King should be on "a two month cruise" for all he has done, trading for Joe Johnson as the biggest piece.

Fratello does advise that jelling may take some time. There will issues of ball distribution, minute distribution, rotations. That, he said, will take all of pre-season and as many as 15 to 20 games.