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Jay-Z produced "docu-series" debuts with the Battle for Brooklyn

Brooklyn Nets/Errol Anderson

Jay-Z's Life + Times YouTube channel, which streamed his eighth and final concert last Saturday, has uploaded the first episode of "The Road To Brooklyn," described as a "docu-series" about the building of Barclays Center and the arrival of the Brooklyn Nets.

In the premiere episode , JAY Z's Life+Times looks at how the Barclays Center came to become a fixture in the borough. The episode, which runs six minutes, includes interviews with proponents and critics of the arena and the large Atlantic Yards project. Among those interviewed are Marty Markowitiz, Brooklyn Borough President, and Daniel Goldstein, who ran protests and was the final holdout.

Goldstein, who led a demonstration at the arena ribbon-cutting and another at Jay-Z's opening, appears on his back deck, relaxed and apparently resigned to it all. "The fight against Atlantic Yards, the fight to kill the project, which is what the fight was, is over. It's two years since the ground breaking of the arena. Moods change. You do have to move on," he said. "You can't hold on to anger about this or anything sort of thing for too long without risking your health."