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DeShawn Stevenson apologizes to Deron Williams

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Let's hope this is the last word on this mini-controversy. Earlier in the week, Deron Williams told reporters that he didn't like that his teammates last season would joke and laugh in the locker room after a loss, that they gave up too easily. He didn't name names, but DeShawn Stevenson took offense and unleashed a profanity-filled attack against a "Brooklyn" player who he accused of giving up on the team. He didn't name names either.

Now, Stevenson has apologized, saying he had talked by phone to the player, who he finally named.

"I Talk 2 My X Teammate 2Day And He Told Me That He Wasn't Talking About Me And They Mis-Print What He Said......" Stevenson tweeted Friday. "So I'm A Real Dude And Want 2 Say Sorry 2 Dwill For Spazzing And A Real Dude Would Say Sorry! So Sorry Dwill. "Takes Alot 4 A Man 2 Call A Man And Tell Me The Truth!! I Respect That!!"