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Blatche: Brooklyn Nets more attractive than Miami Heat

Andray Blatche via Instagram

Andray Blatche is, by all accounts, playing very well at center and power forward. He's tweeted about how much he likes his teammates and coaching staff. But as it turns out none of this might have happened. The Nets had competition, Blatche tells Stefan Bondy: the Heat. They worked him out before the Nets did.

"I came in and worked out (with the Heat). They told me where I’m at, where I need to get, that they’re interested, they need me," Blatche said. "But the conversation I had with Avery was more what I needed from him. It was about putting together a personal plan for me. I felt that would help me get to where I needed to be."

He really gave up a chance to play and probably start? "So what, they’re the Heat," said Blatche,. "So what?"