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Brooklyn Nets add hipster favorite, Yoga, to conditioning drills

Deron Williams via Twitter

There are about 10 yoga schools near Barclays Center and if the Nets keep driving trends in Brooklyn, there will be more. The team has added yoga to its conditioning drills, apparently part of what Avery Johnson has called the "overhaul" of the team's strength and conditioning regimen, one way to reduce injuries.

"We've been doing it for about a month. So guys are used to that. You saw Gerald Wallace. He liked it a lot," deadpanned Deron Williams, pointing to Wallace, asleep on his yoga mat. Hey, it's supposed to relax you! Joe Johnson, seriously, sees it as a necessity for older players. "As you get older, you notice a lot of things. You can't just walk into a gym and start working out. You have to stretch."

His coach says it's all part of a larger plan to avoid men in suits on the bench. "It's a pretty extensive program that we have this year. We hope we can catch some breaks in terms of some of the injuries we had last year."