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Knick Fan invades Nets Shop, Lively Debate Ensues

A Knicks fan named Rell visited the Nets Shop this week ... a Knicks fan. (We can't tell whether this is R&B singer Rell who recorded for Jay-Z's Roc-a-Fella Records. Too much of his face is obscured by orange-and-blue.) For several minutes, he and shop employees engaged in a feisty, but good-natured debate over whether the Nets or Knicks are New York's team. (Do they teach this at Disney Institute?)

After debating match-ups, Mr. Rell noted November 1, "I'm going to be in here like swimwear." and added that he would also be at games between the two teams on "January 21 and March 4." Apparently, he has other commitments on December 11.

The final word was delivered by the most vocal Nets Shop employee. Speaking directly to someone's mobile phone camera, he said, "I'm glad you guys got this. If you guys lose against the Brooklyn Nets, we taking half the New York fans. We swallowing that up. They'll be repping Brooklyn." He battled.