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Turetzky: Scoring is instinctive, history is instructive

Brooklyn Nets

Herb Turetzky has scored more than 1,100 games for the Nets going back to their ABA days. The Brooklyn native who will return November 1 talked recently with David Friedman of 20 Second Timeout. Asked about scoring, Turetzky says with it's not that hard. "It's instinctive. You can see things develop 40 or 50 feet down the court because you can anticipate what's going to happen. It's not difficult if you know the game."

But it's his recollections that long-time fans will find engaging. He recalls being thrown into the shower (with Julius Erving); calls Super John Williamson the "cockiest player" he's ever seen; argues that Jason Kidd got robbed in the 2002 MVP vote; and listening to Drazen Petrovic downgrade his 44-point performance for the Nets, noting he had scored 100 in Croatia.

Perhaps his most interesting recollection (and analysis) is that Stephon Marbury's downfall is in large part Keith Van Horn's fault!

I think that his downfall started with the Nets. When he first came to the Nets, Stephon Marbury could pass the ball as well as most guards. Then Keith Van Horn changed Stephon Marbury. Stephon would pass the ball to Keith and it would either bounce off of Keith's hands or he'd miss a shot or get his shot blocked. After watching this and seeing his passes go no place, Stephon decided to take it upon himself to do more of the shooting. He became more self-centered."