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Tight preseason schedule the Knicks fault?

Brooklyn Nets

The Nets preseason this year is both short and tight. They will play only six games, compared to most teams' seven or eight. When they play in Atlantic City on Saturday, they will be the last of 30 teams to step on the court. Over the next 12 days, they will play six games, then have a week off until opening night.

The odd schedule, according to the Nets (but not the Knicks) is the fault of New York's other team. While Barclays Center has already had nine events, a full practice and Media Day, the Garden won't be ready until the first week in November. Thus the problems, reports Howard Beck.

According Nets officials, Beck writes, the two teams planned to two games: Tuesday at Nassau Coliseum and October 24 at the Garden. The Nets told Beck that the Knicks canceled their home game because of ongoing renovations (excuse us, the "transformation") at the Garden and requested that the Long Island game move to the 24th. The Knicks say they never scheduled a home game, knowing that the Garden would be unavailable.

Whatever, the Nets are itching to play.