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Kris Humphries happy to be anonymous ... at least on the court

There hasn't been a lot written about Kris Humphries (as a Brooklyn Net) this month. It's been all about Brook Lopez's return, Andray Blatche's rehab, Deron Williams' leadership, not to mention feuds with Mark Cuban and DeShawn Stevenson the last few days.

That's fine with Hump, whose last season was filled with celebrity excess. He's just steady old Kris, coming into this season one of only five players who've averaged a double-double in points and rebounds the past two seasons, the others being Kevin Love, Blake Griffin, and the Laker duo of Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard.

But more than extending those personal statistics, he's excited about what he sees around him. "We have such a dynamic group," he told Tim Bontemps. "As we get going, it’s just going to get better and better. We’re just getting through camp and stuff right now, but as we get towards the end of preseason, everyone starts to get their legs all the way back under them and we’re gelling as a team and knowing each other’s tendencies and all the plays are coming together.