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Brook Lopez center of attention (and concern) for Brooklyn Nets

In his player profiles for ESPN, John Hollinger writes that Brook Lopez's defense is more of a concern than his foot. "Given he had played 246 consecutive games before last season, I doubt it will be a lingering concern going forward," writes Hollinger. Lopez himself says the same thing. "I haven’t been thinking about it when I’m playing," Lopez said last week. "I feel great, and I’m so excited to get back out on the floor." The Nets seem to agree, having given him a four-year, $60.8 million contract.

None of that will stop others from fretting. Reports that Andray Blatche is playing well at the PNY Center has alleviated some of the fear that the Nets would be without a viable back-up if Lopez does go down. Still, his return to health is as significant an off-season "move" as anything other than Deron Williams' resigning or maybe Joe Johnson's arrival.

Lopez, like the rest of his teammates and the coaching staff, will be at Barclays Center this afternoon for the Brooklyn Nets first Media Day and he, along with them, are likely to be talking a lot about his foot.