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In Power Rankings, Nets Below Jazz

It's still much too early to fully grade the Nets trade for Deron Williams last February. The Nets' pursuit of Dwight Howard, so dependent on the acquisition of D-Will, is still up in the air while Derrick Favors is still only 20 and the Jazz still have one more draft pick from the trade, the Warriors 2012 choice.

All that (plus this season's schedules) said, the Nets are 2-7, just above the winless Wizards in both the and ESPN power rankings, while the Jazz are 5-3 and ranked in the middle of the pack. As Stein writes, "The schedule has been rather unkind, especially with Brook Lopez sidelined, but the Nets' start -- they haven't scored 100 points yet -- has made D-Will's inability to get Besiktas past Dexia Mons Hainaut of Belgium in EuroCup qualifying look good by comparison."