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For Nets, Blue-Print Seems Obvious


Word is that the Nets will unveil new team colors and logo next month, but reading tea leaves, gossip pages and the official website of Brooklyn, it's looking quite likely that blue, a bright Dodger or Jay-Z blue you might say, is going to be one of those colors.

The latest hint, Jay-Z and Beyonce's decision to name their baby daughter Blue Ivy Carter. Indeed, Blue is Jay-Z's favorite color and he is part of the design team. When GM wanted Jay-Z to create a Yukon Denali concept car, he close a nifty bright blue called "Jay-Z Blue". He even trademarked it. Steve Stoute, his business partner in the ad agency that's husbanding the Nets move to Brooklyn said recently that the "Jay-Z Blue" hue is something the two are "working on finishing now."

Then, of course, there's the Blueprint for Greatness. Oh yeah, the official colors of Brooklyn? Blue and Gold. In fact, a computer website (unrelated to the Nets or Jay-Z or Brooklyn) suggested that a rich gold would be a good "complementary color" to go with the one Jay-Z chose for his Yukon Denali.