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"Nothing Has Changed" With Howard

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In a tweet from the Magic locker room in Sacramento, Sam Amick reports Dwight Howard "said nothing has changed about his situation," and in an interview with Josh Robbins, Otis Smith says the same thing.

"Has anything changed with Dwight's situation?" Robbins asked. "No," Smith responded.

"Has he pulled back the trade request?" Robbins asked. "No," Smith responded.

"Has he expanded his list of preferred destinations?" Robbins finally asked. "Not to my knowledge," Smith responded.

“I think his leaving or going has nothing to do with Orlando,” Smith said of Howard. “I think he wants a bigger market. I can’t do anything about that.” Smith also said he and his family have received threats. As for Howard, he doesn't think he will be moved until the trade deadline, if at all, because the Magic are winning. And add Sam Amick to those who think the Nets have little chance of acquiring him in a trade.