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Lopez Optimistic About Recovery, But There's No Return Date Yet

There have always been two concerns about Brook Lopez's broken foot: how long will it take for him to get back on the court and will it recur, as it has with so many big men (but NOT with his twin brother who suffered the same injury two years ago and is fine.)

Lopez, making his first appearance of the season, told reporters he is confident things are going well ... and an x-ray taken Saturday night showed that indeed things are going well.

He wouldn't predict when he'll return from the injury. It was expected to take six to eight weeks of recovery and rehab, suggesting a return sometime in early February. (Under the CBA, injured players can elect to go to the D-League for rehab.)

"We’re going to work more in the pool this week with the underwater treadmill and hopefully by the next week I’ll be standing up doing some workouts, maybe even some spot shooting if I’m lucky," said Lopez, still in a massive boot and on crutches. The boot is expected to be removed this week as well. Meanwhile, an MRI on Damion James foot revealed no damage. Mehmet Okur (back spasms) won't play vs. the Hawks Monday night.