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ESPN Ranks Brooks at No. 4

ESPN's David Thorpe is out with his first rookie rankings and they're not much different than those of colleague Sebastian Pruiti at Grantland or Drew Packham at NBA when it comes to Marshon Brooks. Thorpe ranks Brooks at No. 4, one lower than Pruiti and Packham earlier this week.

As he does with all the top rookies, Thorpe offers suggestions for improvements in Brooks' game. "Brooks puts his long arms to good use on offense and on the glass. But they are not yet weapons for him on defense -- and they should be." Thorpe ranks Ricky Rubio, Norris Cole and Markieff Morris ahead of Brooks. He puts overall #1 pick Kyrie Irving at #5.

No one will get a chance to watch Brooks Friday night in Toronto. His balky ankle is keeping him on the bench.