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Brooks Keeps His Head On Straight

One of the most impressive things about Marshon Brooks is how well he's handling it all. His game against the Celtics, his first NBA start, was not about proving that Boston made a mistake trading him on Draft Night, but rather that the Nets had been smart. He admits being nervous at every juncture of his new career: preseason, opening night, first start, but he isn't overawed.

He knows how good he is or, as Deron Williams says, he believes he can score on anyone and maybe he can. But he likes to project humility. You might recall him talking about proving himself to those taken ahead of him in the Draft. Not lately. No need, it's all business. Let the numbers do the talking: No. 2 on rookie scoring, No. 11 among all players in player efficiency. And so far, he's been the saving grace of the season.