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Woj: Howard "Fluctuating" on Nets; Berger: D-Will Could Join Mavs

Buried at the bottom of Adrian Wojnarowski's latest on the "Dwightmare", that is the Warriors interest in him, is this:

Despite Dwight Howard’s preference to go to the Brooklyn-bound Nets to play with Deron Williams, those close to Howard still believe he’s fluctuating on his future and could be sold on different scenarios.

The Nets, writes Woj, "aren’t in strong position to make deals for Howard. Orlando has been iffy on Nets center Brook Lopez, who has been lost for several weeks with a broken foot." Woj also reports that the Mavericks are not in a strong position either.

As Woj and others have reported, and league sources have told NetsDaily, Howard has told the Magic that the Nets are his preference. And should he be dealt anywhere else or stay with the Magic, the Nets do have the salary-cap space to sign him this summer.

Ken Berger is even less optimistic about Howard winding up on the Nets, saying Billy King would have to engineer a multi-team deal since the Magic interest in Lopez is limited. He also quotes as "a person who knows Williams and his tendencies well" as saying, "I could see him saying, 'I've got all the money. I can go back to Dallas. That's my home.' I don't see any spunk in his game right now. He's going through the motions."