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Arena Schedule Tightens Up

Barclays Center - January 3 (Tom Kaminski - WCBS Chopper 880)
Barclays Center - January 3 (Tom Kaminski - WCBS Chopper 880)

The corner of Flatbush and Atlantic avenues in Brooklyn could be quite the scene in the days just before Jay-Z opens Barclays Center on September 28. According to the latest construction report by the bondholders' consultants, final touches, like landscaping, trees, sidewalks, bollards, might still be added as late as September 25.

The arena's "substantial completion date" is now August 30, three days later than previous reports had it. At that point, the arena would be ready, with the final touches and "shakedown" operations taking up a month. There might even be a local event or two scheduled to see how things work before the Jay-Z concerts.

Still no word on how the shutdown of ASI Limited, the manufacturer of facade panels, will effect the schedule. Some panels are at the site, but Forest City and Nets spokesmen have declined comment on the story.