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D-Will on Brooks: "He's Special"

Ben Couch - New Jersey Nets
Ben Couch - New Jersey Nets

The latest news update on Deron Williams' website highlights how Williams feels about MarShon Brooks, who will replace him in the starting lineup Wednesday night vs. the Celtics. It's all good.

"We work well out there together. That'll just continue to develop. He's a special young player, has a chance to be a really good pro. He works hard and he's eager to learn," Williams said. "He has a lot of confidence in his ability. He's one of those guys, it doesn't matter if he plays five minutes or plays 30, he's going to be ready to go in. That's really good, especially for a rookie."

The update notes that all of Brooks' 21 points against the Pacers came with Williams on the floor.

Meanwhile, Brooks has moved up to No. 3 in the Rookie Rankings, with Sebastian Pruiti and Drew Packham noting some deficiencies but in love with his offense.