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Bucher: Nets Still Top Dwight's List

In an interview following the Magic's latest debacle in Philadelphia, Ric Bucher says little has changed in the Dwightmare, noting that Orlando is demoralized by trade talk from their leader, which Bucher characterized as "I don't want to be guys are not good enough."

Bucher said the Nets are still in the lead for D12's services:

Latest I've heard is New Jersey is still at the top of the list, but the big question is can they make a deal. It's become clear that Orlando is not going to trade him before they have their big All-Star gala. You don't want Dwight Howard coming back to town in somebody else's uniform so they are going to wait until then to make a move. By then, Brook Lopez will be back from his broken foot and they can wait to see if they put that package back together.

As Hannah Storm responded, "wouldn't that be something else for that franchise."