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Game 22 - Nets @ Pacers - Tuesday, January 31, 7:00

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The Nets will face another (slightly) banged-up team Tuesday night when they play the 13-6 Pacers in Super Bowl-mad Indianapolis. The problem is the Nets are really banged up, with MarShon Brooks and DeShawn Stevenson joining the (barely) walking wounded that already included Brook Lopez, Damion James and Mehmet Okur.

Roy Hibbert, the Pacers' 7'2" center, has been making great strides, but he underwent surgery Monday to repair a broken nose. If he plays he'll wear a mask. He also has a bum right ankle. Jeff Foster is out with a bad back. Otherwise, the Pacers should be fine and they are becoming a solid if young team, with Hibbert, Danny Granger, Darren Collison, David West and Paul George (who went 5-for-5 from three when the two teams played in Newark).

The Nets may have to start Larry Owens, the D-League call-up at small forward with Stevenson and Damion James out and Shawne Williams restricted to limited minutes. Brooks status will be updated later today although his tweets seemed to indicate he won't be out long.