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The Return of Stevie Jackson?

Remember, back in June when Dwight Howard was asked by a Russian reporter about which five players he'd like to play with... and Nets fans got all excited that he named Deron Williams and Anthony Morrow? Anyone remember the name he mentioned immediately before D-Will and Ammo? It was Stephen Jackson.

Now, Ric Bucher reports the 33-year-old Jackson and Howard have talked about playing with D-Will and that the Nets would be well served by trading for SJax. Bucher said, "If the Nets want to improve their chances of getting Dwight Howard, making a deal for Stephen Jackson as well --aside from putting together deal that Orlando would accept for Dwight Howard-- should be on their menu".

No response from the Nets on the possibility of getting Jackson but he's said he'd like to return to New Jersey who, it should be recalled, gave him his first chance back in 2000, then dumped him. Jackson makes $9.25 million this year, $10.06 next year. He's averaging 13 ppg for the Bucks but shooting less than 40% overall and less than 30% from three.

Jackson did not play in the Bucks easy win over the Pistons and after the game, Jackson said the team is well-aware of his feelings, but didn't get into specifics on what those feelings were,