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Curry Still Following His Dream

(Photo by Otto Kitsinger/NBAE/Getty Images)
(Photo by Otto Kitsinger/NBAE/Getty Images)

The best player on the Armor this season is not Dennis Horner. He made the big club but the team's top player is someone who's still toiling up in Springfield, JamesOn Curry. Curry spent a week training with the Nets before being sent back to the Armor.

For the season, Curry, a 6'4" combo guard, is averaging 18 points, six assists and six rebounds while shooting better than 40% from deep. He's doing even better since being sent back down.

He talks to Scott Schroeder about his past, which includes a marijuana arrest; his decision to forego a $200,000 contract to play in South America for a chance with the Nets; how he cried when he realized he had no chance of making the team, and how he spent the training camp money he received from the Nets -- buying gifts for a family in Springfield. The headline for Schroeder's story says it all, "How JamesOn Curry Taught Me Not To Judge A Book By Its Cover."