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Brooks Plays, Acts Like a Veteran

Steve Aschburner knows something about the NBA, having covered it since 1980 and he likes what he sees --and hears-- from MarShon Brooks. In particular, he thinks the 23-year-old (as of Thursday) "handlied himself in an interview like a vet, at least."

Brooks, with his typical aplomb, talks about why he thinks he dropped to #25. "When you're around for four years, it's almost like, 'Why?'" he said. "Well, I grew up in college. I just took a little bit more time." But he's not forgetting. "Definitely I have a chip on my shoulder. I worked out for a lot of teams -- I felt I worked out well in front of a lot of them, and they decided to pass on me."

Two teammates understand how special he is, DeShawn Stevenson and Deron Williams.

"He was, what, the 25th pick?" asks Stevenson. "I don't understand that. He can score the ball, he's very talented. He's going to be a problem." But alas, he won't be playing Friday vs. the Cavaliers and will undergo more tests on his balky Achilles tendon.