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Prokhorov Income Up, Worth Down

Pro100 Basket
Pro100 Basket

Today, we are faced with two somewhat contradictory reports on Mikhail Prokhorov's wealth. New calculations of his INCOME, which he filed with the Russian Central Election Commission, show his annual income over the last four years at $3.7 billion, or close to a billion dollars annually.

Meanwhile, Forbes is reporting that his two biggest investments have seen better days, dropping by half (RusAl, the big Russian aluminum producer) and by a third (Polyus Gold)...although both are picking up again. As a result, says Forbes, Prokhorov's NET WORTH has dropped $5 billion to between $12 and $13 billion, about the same as Trail Blazers' Paul Allen. Will it effect the Nets? Nope, say insiders. He's still paying the bills.