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Howard Expanding List to Celtics?

It appears the market for Dwight Howard will be a lot broader if it goes into July. In an interview with the Boston Herald's Steve Bulpett, Howard makes it clear he would listen to offers from Danny Ainge if he's a free agent next season.

"Always. Always," Howard told the Herald when asked if he would take Boston's call. "I’d always listen to a team like that. My thing is I want to win. It’s not something like I’m doing this for money. I win. I want to do it my way."

Howard said that a winning tradition, like those of the Celtics and Lakers, is what appeals to him. "You look at a team like Boston and look at a team like LA who’s won . . . especially Boston. Man, those guys came together and they didn’t care who scored all the points. They had done all the individual stuff."