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Billy King: Send Me Andre Iguodala; Don't Need Dwight to Keep Deron

In interviews on Philadelphia radio and TV, Billy King talked about a player he drafted back in 2004, Andre Iguodala, and one he wants to keep in 2013, Deron Williams.

"Andre’s a player that every good team would want, because he defends, he handles the ball. If they don’t want him, send him up the turnpike, I’ll take him," King told Michael Barkann and Ike Reese on 94 WIP. Iguodala has two more years, including this one, plus a player option, on his contract.

King also talked about Williams telling WIP, "I look for Deron to be with us for a very long time." In a separate interview with Comcast Sports Net, King was asked if he has to acquire Dwight Howard to keep Williams.

"No, that's not true," said King. "Deron and I have a good relationship. He knows we're going to get better next year. We have cap flexibility. We have draft picks. We chose not to sign guys long term to give ourselves flexibility going into the off-season next year. We'll get Brook back and we'll be pretty good this year.

"I know it's the big elephant in the room where Deron stands but I feel pretty comfortable about it," he added before offering this about the trade deadline, "You got to be aggressive. l like to take chances. So I'll do that."