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Price for O.J. Mayo Just Too High

The Grizzlies' "win-now" strategy, O.J. Mayo's acceptance of a Sixth Man role and a high asking price all combined to thwart the Nets' pursuit of the 6'3" guard.

Although reports out of Memphis and elsewhere had the Nets offering Anthony Morrow or Jordan Farmar, an unspecified draft pick and cash, Chris Mannix reports that, first and foremost, the Grizzlies want a first round pick, and a high one at that. The Nets are unwilling to give up much until their quest for Dwight Howard becomes more settled.

But the biggest impediment, reports that Memphis Commercial Appeal, is the Grizzlies' "win-now" strategy and how Mayo fits into that.

"Yes, it's true that the Grizzlies had serious talks with the New Jersey Nets about sending Mayo there for Anthony Morrow. A separate Nets deal on the table was Mayo for Jordan Farmar, a pick and cash," writes Ron Tillery. "But none of those trade proposals are the nobrainers that it would take to pry away Mayo from the Griz this season".