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Williams, Horner Dominate Canton

Jordan Williams and Dennis Horner combined for 37 points and 19 rebounds Tuesday night in Canton, OH, as the Armor front court dominated the Charge, the Cavaliers' D-League affiliate. For Williams, it was his best performance since being sent down to Springfield a little more than a week ago. He finished with 18, 14 and three blocks.

"They were with the Nets, but they weren’t playing in games. And with the way the NBA schedule is right now, there weren’t even practices going on," Armor Coach Bob MacKinnon said. "To get back into game action, it’s an adjustment, it’s almost like you’re re-learning how to play hard and how to play consistently hard".

Jeff Foote, the Armor's 7'1" center, had 19 points and eight boards. The Cornell grad spent time in the Trail Blazers training camp.